Problems That Follow Us...

Hey, so basically this blog is run by me and my friend. Our names are Nidhi and Tamanna. So we hope you like the blog and feel free to ask us questions WE ARE BORED HUMAN BEINGS :)

We also have a one direction blog :) be sure to check us out on there if you like one direction or even if you don't like them :P send in requests and such :)
Here it is ..

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Vote for her please :3

its for an art competition and today is the last day <3 

I would love it if you could vote for her please <3333 this is what it looks like :D 

How have u lovely ladies been lately ?
by Anonymous

We’ve been good :) Thanks for asking <3 Hope all’s well in your life lovely anon :)



send us qualities or actions (in a guy or any person :P ) and we’ll tell you if they’re turn ons or turn offs ;) GO DO IT!!!