Problems That Follow Us...

Hey, so basically this blog is run by me and my friend. Our names are Nidhi and Tamanna. So we hope you like the blog and feel free to ask us questions WE ARE BORED HUMAN BEINGS :)

We also have a one direction blog :) be sure to check us out on there if you like one direction or even if you don't like them :P send in requests and such :)
Here it is ..

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Heyyyy your back and active again i really missed your posts , how have you been ?
by Anonymous

HEY :) yes we are back and active. Sorry for being away for so long :( but we’re glad we have followers who like our blog this much ! And we’ve been great how are u ?


Anyone wanna come talk ?

OMG your back and your hair the bottom of it is red I freaken love you you two are beautiful :) hello again !
by Anonymous

Thank youuuuu